Esther Amunga

Makenna the World Traveler.

Esther loves to write and has recently launched her children’s book series starting with “Makenna the World Traveler.”

The book series’ central theme, global cultures is intended to catalyze conversations on her favorite topics of humanity, equity, diversity, and inclusion with the aim of reducing prejudices. Makenna, The World Traveler series offers great conversation starters in classrooms, living rooms, and playgrounds. The purpose of this book series is to give children an appreciation of the global village in which we live. In the many attempts to encourage embracing diversity, we see children of America introduced to other cultures through Makenna, a young girl born to an immigrant family from Kenya, as she travels to all the continents.

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Thank you Thank you.. The Boys Love the book 🥰 🥰 🥰

Carolyne (Maryland, USA)

Hello Esther!We have enjoyed reading Makena. My son loves books and was excited to share the book with his grandfather this thanksgiving.

Vivienne M. (USA)

Hi Esther!!! I absolutely love your book and so does my baby girl Leilani. I’ve read it to her every night since we got it on Friday and we gifted one of her friends too and her parents wrote me today and told me they loved it too. Also, thank you so much for the bag. My daughter loves it and carries it everywhere.

Malaika (USA)

She is also the author of the ” Peace Builders Kids Handbook” that was published by the August 7th Memorial Trust and the brainchild behind the Peace Builders Kids Club, which has seen the participation of more than 10,000 children from schools in Kenya.